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Sensitive, intuitive, and caring are all words that describe you.
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What type of heart do you have. Pure, evil, etc.

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1. Do you have any pets?
Yes (2) dog & cat

2. Do you believe in karma?

3. Any tattoos or piercings?
Tattoo, Yes 1 and I think my ears are still pierced *lol*

4. Who do you know tells the best jokes?
Tough one...erm, I suppose I will give credit to my sister since we are always laughing!

5. Have you ever given money to a bum?

6. In your opinion, what has been the best invention?

7. What is the dumbest invention?
Gosh! There are many but one recently I seen was an 'Apple Peeler' 0_o

8. Is your room messy?
Anyone who knows me knows the answer to this... YES!

9. What is the worst injury you ever had?
My back going out

10. What movie do you know all the lines to?
Good one! I guess I would have to say Never Been Kissed or Pretty Woman!

11. What is the last movie you saw?

12. How many times a month do you go to the movies?
On average, never.

13. What is your favorite animal?
My doggie!

14. What color are your bed sheets?
Cream, red...floral --- I so need new ones!

15. Is your hair naturally straight or curly?

16. What is the video game that you kick ass at?
Silent Hill, and oh yeah Pinball *lol*

17. If you could punch one person who would it be?
I never thought of myself as the punching type but lately...Someone at work who shall remain nameless.

18. Do you watch cartoons?
Of course

19. Do you like Starbubucks?
Yes, Love it!

20. What is your favorite smell?
Tough one! I think I will say, Coffee *Yum*

21. Favorite Batman?
Michael Keaton

22. What would you do if a random person offered you candy?
Probably eat it depending how shifty they look *ROFL*

23. Are you for capital punishment?

24. Do you swear?
Sadly yes, especially when I am mad or worked up.

25. Do you believe in the supernatural?

26. Do you like to drive fast?

27. Have you ever had braces?
No but I surely need them.

28. Favorite Ninja Turtle?

29. Have you ever eaten spam?
Turkey Spam is *Yummy*

30. Do you own a pair of big sunglasses?
No, but I am so now wanting some!

31. What is one thing you actually remember from kindergarten?
The Letter People

32. Have the cops ever taken you home?

33. Have you ever hit a deer?
No and I hope I never!

34. Have you ever gone to class drunk?

35. What color is your room?

36. Are you taller than your mom?

37. Beer or liquor?
Beer is gross!

38. What would you do if a leprechaun jumped out of the bushes and took your wallet?
Scream if I could...Leprechauns are scary!

39. What is the ugliest color to wear in your opinion?
Well I really think it depends on the person, some wear colors better than others.

40. What kind of car do you drive?

41. What kind of cell phone do you have?
Pink Razor

42. Is their any animal that creeps you out?
Not that I can think of.

43. Do you own an iPod? How many songs are on it?

44. Ever been in a car accident?

45. Would you be a ninja or a pirate?

46. What is your most overused word/statement?

47. What is the funniest word(s) you have ever heard?
Boobatar ... don't ask *lol*

48. Do you hate it when people call you 'dear'?

49. What cartoon character are you most like?

50. Can you drive a stick?

*** February is the New January ***
So I have decided that the New Year must actually begin in February. I mean seriously, January is a month that we are all still getting over the past year! Call it a transition month if you will. It's January that we end up making the same mistakes, repeat the same downfalls as the previous year, break any New Year's Resolutions that might have been made and give up! So February is my open door and I fully intend on doing this right.

~*~New Year's Resolutions~*~
2006 *Results*

1. Write in my Journal More
2. Lose Weight//Get Healthy
3. Read 10 Books
4. See Bon Jovi in Concert
5. Finish Class and take another
6. Watch the Following 6 Classic Movies

*Gone With The Wind
*The Sound of Music
*Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
*The Graduate
*Some Like It Hot

As you see last years choices didn't go over too well *lol* I still need to really sit down and make this year's which I will do soon! Hopefully I will have more scratched off next year. *Geez* LOL!

Well I am going to rest for a while, been fighting off a cold -blah- Feeling a lot better than I did though, just tired ZZzzzz...

It's a start
Catch a falling star
It's late and I am tired but I wanted to write a quick entry saying that my Dad is thankfully doing ok. They said something about him just having gas pockets around his heart but that his heart is fine. However I guess his blood sugar also is out of whack and he needs to get his diabetes under control. He went down and applied for some Veteran medical assistance because since the whole accident with his work he hasn't had any medical insurance. He had just stopped taking his diabetes medication altogether which obviously is not good! Thankfully the workers comp pays for all the expenses to do with the injury or I cannot imagine...*Yikes* Anyways the Veteran assistance or whatever it is called are really helping him with everything and it's wonderful.

As for my health, things have been ok. A little dizzy from time to time, not sure if it is Vertigo or Med. related but I am dealing. I have been sticking to my guns and trying to eat healthy and I rode the bike so far once this week for 30 minutes. Better thank nothing of course but I should be doing more! Oh and I also lost 5 pounds :) It's a start.

And on that positive note I think that I am going to try and catch some ZZZZzzzz

*Cheers* to Good Health...
"...Faith has been broken
Tears must be cried
Let's do some living
After we die..."

I love Jewel's version of that song (Wild Horses) <3 What to talk about first...My Dad was not feeling well last night and ended up going to the hospital and having to stay the night because they want to do some tests in regards to his heart because of his history. Last I heard today he was still waiting on the test. I am worried as is expected but I am sure everything will be ok, so I guess you can say I am thinking positive. Health has not been in favor in our house lately though. A couple weeks ago I woke up to get ready for work and literally could not walk, the room was spinning and I was completely dizzy. I thought if I sat down and woke up more it would help but it did not! It was really scary and I could barely make it into my Sister's room and then there was vomiting and the whole Fun experience! It didn't get better in a day or so and I ended up having to go to the doctor and I found out that I have what they call Vertigo. Not at all as fun as the U2 Vertigo tour let me tell you *lol* Anyways, they gave me some meds, told me about some head exercises and I am feeling a lot better! I think I am pretty balanced now, at least for the most part. But from what I hear it tends to come back...I am crossing my fingers that it doesn't but at least if it does I will be prepared. On other news when I went to get checked for the Vertigo I found out that I am Diabetic...So that is not too good. It wasn't a shock, it runs in my family and I kinda thought I was for months. So now I have to take some medicine for that as well as my blood pressure. I know I sound washed up at 26! *Yikes* But seriously, I am really trying to eat better and now that the Vertigo is under control or gone...however you would put it I need to start exercising. Self control, choices...I am really trying to use those tools and I guess a bright side is I will lose that unwanted weight after all! So that is pretty much what has been going on with me. I am actually going to rest for a while and wait for some News about my Dad.

This account has been FROZEN...
This past week was tiring but made it through. Work has been ok, getting up at 4 am and having to work at 6 am is hard but it is nice getting off early. Been working 5 hour shifts which I guess is what shelvers work and its good but I cannot get the whole 'my life is going nowhere' from being stuck in my head! It's like, it's good I have a job because of all the obvious reasons but I am in the same boat I have always been in. I am tired I guess and where is the drive, the desire and the will to change something!?


To totally top my week my Neopets account was frozen! It is depressing :( I mean I have been playing that game for over 6 years of my life and its something I really enjoy. I feel so let down and yes it's a game...but I cried. This is what it said:

"This account has been FROZEN for the following reason:

This account was one of many being used by the same owner to earn Neopoints..."

Obviously not true but they froze every account that is used from our IP address so I am sure they are seeing my Sister and my Dad's accounts and thinking 'we' are one user! We all filled out the forms that they have you do if its some type of error but I guess we will have to see what happens. *sigh* Well, now I can be extra thankful for discovering Marapets, LOL! It doesn't erase that fact but at least its something fun to do that is similar and a great distraction...

Well I am going to watch some more of the Degrassi Marathon with Mom and Kathy so I will wrap this up for now. I mean you know I have to find out what happens after Emma's eating disorder...lol, I LOVE that show!

Catch a falling star
It is barely 2:30 pm and it feels like such a long day! I suppose that is what happens when you have to get up so early. Was just looking at my website and I really want to redo the layout and get back into all that. So many fun things to do, and so little time in a day *lol* Work was ok today, one of the managers made some comment about 'people taking their time today' when passing by me but it was only like 6:05 am (we clock in at 6 am and it was my first time so it took a minute) when I was going to get my cart and I was the first one the rest were still clocking in, etc. So I don't know if he was talking about me or someone else and perhaps just making the comment to me...GAH! I believe I just smiled with a lite laugh 0_o It annoyed me but Kathy said not to even worry about it. I don't know, it still bugs! Oh and then after shelving Self-Help I decided to take on a challenge, a very FULL cart of Teen/Kids!!! It was awful, shifting, shifting, shifting and NO room! I worked so hard and squeezed as much as I could in, in the time that I had but I swear it looks like nothing was done :( I feel so unaccomplished. So yeah, work was ok...but I am just super tired. Probably should take a nap, before I pick a battle I don't really want to fight! I already am irritated with someone in my Club on Marapets, I know...stupid for letting people I don't know upset me...but again I am tired and its hard to understand if you don't know what I am even talking about when it come to Marapets, Clubs, etc. *LOL*


That nap is sounding extra good ZZzzzz...

"...your sign now rises in a 'Dwarf Planet'..."
Today has been one long tiring day! Getting up at 4 am. is hard -blah- Work was ok, I shelved Self-Help and Travel which was ok and the time went by and at least I felt somewhat accomplished. Being new and not know where everything goes has its demands, and I don't want to seem super slow *lol*


I came home and fiddled around on my computer and was so tired I decided to take a nap and totally zonked out for hours, I need it but then I woke up with a terrible headache which just got worse and worse *ick* I still have it but it has eased up a little, but I am ready to go back to bed! Lucky thing is though, I just work tomorrow and then I will be off for 2 days *YaY*

I am getting excited about the new Sims 2 Pets coming out! :) I believe it comes out in October *wh00t* I haven't put my Sims back on my comp since my recent computer issues but I may do that tomorrow after work and get back into playing. I also will have serious dling to do *Yikes* I always say I will be more picky on my dling and then end up with only a million downloads *hehe* Okay, maybe not a million...but a lot! I just hope I can make it through a generation without some issue happening! It always seems to happen when what would be my 2nd generation is only a toddler -kicks- I guess we will see.

Cannot end this entry without mentioning the whole 'Pluto is NOT a Planet' surprise! Okay well it is considered a 'Dwarf Planet' (whatever that really is) LOL! I have always been fascinated with Astronomy and to think after what is it, 66 years we find that we have 8 Planets technically in our Solar System! It's interesting to say the least. 8 does seem like a better number *LOL* Lots of changes to be made in good old history books, etc. Not to mention how it will effect Astrology! Erm, your sign now rises in a 'Dwarf Planet' Hmmm...

And on that note I think I will go play Mara for a bit and then off to bed for me ZZZzzzzz...

The end of yet another Hiatus!
So wow seems my goal of trying to keep my journal up hasn't actually went all that well *lol* Cannot seem to keep a written journal or on-line -ponders if I am a lost cause- *hehe* I am here again, lets see how long it last... Any-who, to try and recap everything in the past few months would be insane, not that my life is full of excitement.

Well I turned 26, although I really do not feel it at all, except the whole agony of my life really has no direction...blah, blah, blah syndrome! My birthday was awesome! Kathy made it this whole pinup theme, my cake had a Jennifer Janesko beautiful print on it and OMG! ... I got an autographed copy of one of her books <3 Not to mention I also got Burlesque and the Art of the Teese Fetish and the Art of the Teese! She even had these little magnets made with some various Janesko prints on them and everything was red and pink, oh and with a touch of hearts (stationary, paper weights, etc)... so sweet and special. I am lucky but most of all lucky to have my sister *sigh*

I just started working at the bookstore with that Kathy works at, only been 2 days and its minimum wage but better than nothing! Everyone seems pretty nice so far and it is a little overwhelming not really knowing anything but am learning :) I keep seeing so many books I want though *lol* Bought some magazines today including Alias, at least they haven't dumped that too *crosses fingers* Speaking of which I got the 4th Season of Alias also for my birthday, at least I have my DVDs so when I get to needing my Alias fix I can just pop them in!

All and all not too much going on, still don't see my few friends enough, still addicted to Neopets and now Marapets *LOL*

Virtual Pets | Games

Oh and we also now have DVR (like TiVo) and it is awesome! Been DVRing the whole Degrassi marathon and even got my Mom hooked on that show! Gah, but we won't even touch the whole Mom subject right now as we are again and again not on the best of terms. But like I said, not getting into all that now. And I think I will wrap this up for now and on my last note about happenings on my hiatus my Grandpa passed away in June. It is sad, but I know he is in a good place and he lived an amazing life and there is somehow comfort in that. -Love you Grandpa-


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