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Sim FAILURE and everyday stress!
Been working on my Sims game again! Going through my DLs because I am convinced that is what the problem is. Hitting a whole lot of FAIL though, blah! Anyways, everyone is asleep and the house is cool and quiet. I am of course watching some more mindless TV and it fills the silence. My left foot is doing this deep, internal, insane itching thing and it is driving me MAD! I seriously just want to stab it! I took some more Gabapentin so hopefully that will help. Speaking of itching I am still having that damn rash! It is in more places than just my legs and arms this time so it is extra annoying! The antihistamine and cream helps though. And NO I am not totally crazy, I have asked my regular Doctor about it and she gave me some cream but it keeps coming back for over a year I would say now! I know I need to see her again about it and she will probably want me to see a Dermatologist but between owing her practice $money$ and problems with my insurance, again to do with $money$ I just can't right now. It isn't serious and I am pretty sure it is either a medication I am taking reaction or just stress. Just hoping it will clear up again.

There is a lot of stress in the house. Aside from $money$ problems and living in the house of pain, Mom has just been put out of work due to her injury. Her surgery date is June 3rd as of now and they say she should only have to stay in the hospital a day or so, but we will see. It is scary but I am just hoping that it all goes well and that it helps the awful pain she's been in! When it rains it pours they say, but they also say that it can't rain all the time, right!?! Things have to get better, they just have to!

I don't know if it was just mean sitting down her by myself or what but I got to thinking and started down memory lane again. Thinking of people from the past, wondering how they are, etc. I even went so far as to look a few of them up on the web. I know that sounds totally pathetic! I didn't have much luck with my search, just the same one I am pretty sure is on FB. I keep having the tug-a-war with myself debating if I should contact him. Again I told myself NO. I mean his profile FB pic is of him and a woman who I am sure is his wife. It's a nice picture too, a picture I imagine is from some romantic vacation they had. But I better not start to go there. He has a little piece of my heart and he always will. <3

Well I think I am going to get another cup of coffee and work on my Sims some more *lol* Wish me luck...seriously!


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