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Needing a miracle...
Have been up all night, mainly just messing around on the computer and trying to fix my Sims game. Everyone is asleep but Kathy should be getting up to get ready for work soon. I am tired but not, and just trying not to go to the dark place. Things are just really bad! Aside from all the health type issues here in the house I think we have hit rock bottom. We have NO money, have scarce amount of food and cannot pay our rent and surely will be served today with a 3 day notice. And the possibility that we will be able to come up with it is little to none. I really don't know what we are going to do! My Mom said just let's take it one day at a time and like I said I am trying! Although that is always easier said than done. Some people say that miracles happen, right?! Well we sure could use one about now! And if all that isn't all sunshine and whatever, seems my rash is getting worse again and my teeth are deciding to hurt of course along with all the other usual body aches *sigh* Maybe writing this all down isn't getting it off my chest but rather reminding me of all the serious FAIL! Anyways I think I will get back to mindless TV and letting my Sims also disappoint me.


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