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*Frosty the Snowman*
I can't believe it is 1 am! I am in that place where you are tired but not. I did again sleep a lot of the day *lol* but it wasn't all totally uneventful -- Talked to Dezi on the phone which was nice and then this evening Mom and I went to Super K which was fun and good for me. It was nice to get out of the house and nice to see all the Christmas out and about. Plus I really need to be walking more, I mean it is really the only thing I can do at the moment and I don't do it enough. I can layout all the excuses; like I don't feel comfortable walking around my neighborhood and the house just gets boring but I just need to do it no excuses! But anyways after we got home from the store I baked some chocolate chip cookies that came out really good and not a burnt one in the batch *lol* and we had flavored coffee and watched Frosty the Snowman. It was a really great night.

It is starting to feel a lot like Christmas -- I LOVE it! <3


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