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* Eclipse Book Signing *
I am so tired but I wanted to write before I head to bed. Kathy and I went to a book signing at Borders for Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. I swear those books are my new obsession and to think I have only read the first one so far! Anyways, the book signing was FUN and it was really cool listening to Stephenie talk and answer some questions even though it leaked some spoilers *lol* We were in the last group to get our books signed but it went fairly fast and we met a couple girls in line that were a lot of fun to talk to which also helped to make the time pass. We got all of our books signed and while I didn't get to say much and I am not sure she even heard me I thanked Stephenie for writing these amazing books (not in those exact words), silly sounding, cliche even, but I had to say something! When you were leaving after you got your book(s) signged you got to pick either an 'I Love Edward' or an 'I Love Jacob' button -- needless to say who I chose...Team Edward ALL the way!!! At least for now anyways... Hopefully Kathy and I will have a chance to start reading New Moon sometime this week! But yeah it was a good night, my first book signing and I was happy Kathy and I got to do it together it makes it even more special.

Oh and not to mention Mom and Dad came home tonight from VA, its good to have them home although I guess walking around in my underwear is out now *ROFL*

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Hey, glad you guys got to do something fun together and that your parents are home. Love you guys lots! Hope you are doing well.

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